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An innovative new approach to hauling Paintballs

Pursuit Pod Features:

1. Seven individual chambers within the pod.
This isolates movement inside the pod to reduce Paintball breakages inside the pod. If a paintball breaks in one of the chambers. The other six chambers arenít affected. Break a paintball in a traditional pod. Youíll have lots of clean up or thrown away paintballs.

2. Rugged rigid outer material.
Withstands falls or hits to the pod if used correctly.

3. Innovative spring loaded cap with top sliding trap doors.
The cap can be fully opened to empty all the contents. The inner trap door allows you to empty all the content in the middle chamber. The outer trap door allows you to empty the contents in the outer chambers one chamber at a time by opening and spinning the cap. This is great for topping off your hopper when a full pod wonít fit in your hopper.

4. The pursuit pod holds 105 paintballs.
Can also be made to hold an exact 100 paintballs. Ideal for field owners. Easy to clean and maintenance.

5. Designed and built by a Paintball field owner with over 25 years experience.

6. Excellent for storing non paintball related items.
Small parts, drill bits, small tools, fishing tackle, prescriptions, vitamins, beads and etc.